Unlocking Ambition interview with Joan Johnston

Joan Johnston is delighted to be selected as one of the 20 entrepreneurs across Scotland to join the first Unlocking Ambition programme, launched in June 2018 by Scottish Government. Bespoke Fabrics have been developing a new sustainable cashmere product which will be launched to the market later this year. We can’t say too much just now, but look forward to telling you all about it soon. In the meantime here is the interview with Joan Johnston.


And learn more about the other purpose driven businesses on the programme at http://https://unlockingambition.scot/se/



Joan Johnston talking Innovation with Ivan Mc Kee MSP Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, hosted by the IOD, Inverness

Delighted to give feedback to Ivan McKee MSP Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation, on support for Innovation in Scotland by HIE, ECCI, Climate-KIC and UnlockingAmbition



We are delighted to have been selected for the Climate Change Accelerator 1 programme at ECCI with our new business idea, to develop a textile based product, made here in Scotland. More on this to follow. In the meantime, please read the article.

Climate Change Launchpad at Edinburgh Carbon Centre for Innovation

Bespoke Fabrics is so excited to be supported by the Climate Change Launchpad at the Edinburgh Carbon Centre for Innovation (part of Edinburgh University). The textile based product under development, is relatively simple. Working through the process has really helped us focus on the key aspects of what we are offering, who the customer is and what the benefits are.

Now we’ve been moved onto the Accelerator scheme, we can’t wait to take our product to market in the coming months.

Premium textiles made in Britain

Having spent most of my working life in the premium textile sector, I am passionate about textile products made in this country. I have been privileged to experience working with some of the best global luxury brands in creating for and supplying them with beautiful fabrics in cashmere, fine wool, silk and linen, all woven in the UK. I am conscious that better communication is needed around growing consumer cognisance of the benefits of purchasing higher quality products that will have greater longevity both in terms of quality and durability overall, whilst supporting communities and jobs within the UK.

Last year I carried out research into “how consumers value premium textile products made in the UK and what are the attributes they engage with?” My findings covered key areas, around provenance, building trust, emotional connection, craftsmanship and skills.

Working across Scotland, England and Northern Ireland I have connected with a range of people and organisations that are supporting, disrupting and challenging the way we do things. It’s now time for me to share these insights and so my blog begins….